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Marie Horrey

I was introduced to Marie through a friend and work colleague, I have had counselling before and was somewhat dubious on whether it would help but decided to give it a go.

When I met Marie she couldn’t have been more welcoming and all my pre-conceptions were lifted. She is a very open person who not only listens and advises but also draws on her own life experiences and those of other clients through generalization to help you to understand that you are not alone, how others have used different techniques that are tried and tested, and at some point in our lives we all need someone to listen, and fully understand us.

My journey has been a quite emotional one of realization that I could control my own destiny, and didn’t have to be anything other than me, to be the person I wanted to be by understanding my trigger points and how to deal with them. This might all sound a little twee but the reality is that if you know yourself you can help yourself, all things Marie has explained and in reality you are probably already doing, but don’t realise it. I was amazed by the insight that I got, and with practice I learnt not to react, but to stand back, breathe and respond to situations instead.

I would highly recommend Marie and in fact I already have, and when my sessions come to an end, I will miss them as she has not only become ‘my angel on my shoulder’ but also it is like having a good friend just for you and no one else for that hour. I have learnt some really valuable life lessons which I will carry forward with me.

EB, Huntingdon

Thank you for asking questions that felt like answers I always needed to hear.

Thank you for taking away the things that didn't belong.

You've comforted me in a way that's timeless - thank you for never letting me down.

JB, Cambridgeshire

It was like learning to walk again. I want to thank Marie for the journey. I didn't realise how lost and sad I was, I felt that I had a problem of never being satisfied. I never really had any expectations going into therapy but chose this route to share my thoughts privately with someone who had no attachment to me.

I learnt that the person I aspired to be I actually was. That your childhood really shapes who you are today and that sometimes you have to remember who you want to be in life not the person you sometimes feel you are because of influences in your life. A key understanding for me was about being your authentic self, living in the moment. Marie became a great mentor in my life and I will value that forever. Going through therapy with Marie was the best decision of my life and I wouldn't have missed it for the world, it was tough but invigorating.

VN, Cambridgeshire

We have worked with Marie for a number of years and her service has been a great help to our business. Referring our staff to Marie has helped staff retention levels, reduced the number of days employees have taken off sick and contributed to high morale levels in our office.

The counselling service provided is one based on sensitivity and sincerity, with several staff members recommending her practice due to her personal touch and supportive manner. Marie has always sought to meet with our employees without delay and her approachable nature is a major factor why our staff speak so highly of her.

We would not hesitate to recommend Marie to anyone looking for support and assistance with their personal issues.

Caroline Hart, Human Resources Director
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I found it very useful for the Watch as a whole.

There were things that need to be said and we were presented with a suitable arena in which to present them.

Marie was really friendly, helpful and diplomatic.

I think the whole Watch warmed to her and she created a good environment to discuss our problems.

Feedback following mediation sessions with a Fire & Rescue Service